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Acoustic Lagging in Melbourne

Pipe Lagging Melbourne

Pipe Insulation, Sound & Acoustic Lagging and FyreWrap Installation

LGP Insulation offers insulation contracting to the building and service industries.

Our team of qualified Melbourne pipe laggers specialise in soundlag 4525c, heating and cooling insulation, FyreWrap installation, cladding to the mechanical, food and wine industries.

LGP Insulation is a insulation company with 20 years experience operating in Victoria with a solid track record of delivery quality workmanship that is cost and time effective with over 100 years combined experience.

LGP Insulation is an EBA Listed company which allows us to take on any size project.

What is pipe lagging?

Pipe lagging (also known as pipe insulation) is a special type of insulation that is used to conserve heat in pipes, prevent condensation, and reduce noise that come from pipes.

Comprised on high-performance sound sheathing material, it is used on pipes, valves, fan housings and ducts in a range of buildings from industrial, commercial to domestic.

Why do you need pipe lagging?

Prevents frozen pipes

Insulating and lagging pipework prevents pipes from freezing in colder months.

The majority of water pipes are located outside your home or business or are in places where the temperature can drop below zero degrees. Not only does ice block your water pipes, but water also expands as it freezes, which can break pipes and cause significant damage.

Pipe lagging may not be a fool-proof plan to stopping water from freezing within your pipes, but it can slow down the effect long enough so that either the cold passes or you take action to remedy the situation.

Prevents corrosion

Insulation is a good way to reduce the amount of condensation on your pipes. Moisture plays a big role when it comes to corroding pipes. Good quality insulation will stop water from passing through it and onto the pipes, preventing corrosion.

Increases safety

Insulation can protect yourself and others from burning hot or freezing cold pipes. If pipes have extremely high or low temperature liquids or gasses passing through them then there’s a good chance the pipe will adjust to become the same temperature. An unprotected hand on an extremely hot pipe can cause serious injuries. Correct pipe insulation will ensure that the surface temperature of a pipe is safe to touch and won’t be a hazard to anyone.

Helps you save energy and money

Pipe insulation has a huge energy saving opportunity by reducing heat/cold loss within the pipe over longer distances. This is done by using thermal resistance which reduces the heat flow from a pipe to the air outside.

It can also help cut running costs and save on the maintenance costs for your home or business.

Reduces noise

Insulation your pipes can help limit noise. Pipework generally acts as a way for sound to travel from one part of a building to another. Our acoustic lagging insulation will prevent this.

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