Soundlag 4525c In Melbourne

Acoustic Pipe Insulation

soundlag 4525c Melbourne

At LGP Insulation, we provide Soundlag 4525c to residents in Melbourne.

Soundlag is a high-performance composite acoustic lagging product developed to reduce the noise coming from pipes, valves, fan housings & ducts in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Soundlag 4525C is the optimal soundproofing solution for those seeking F5.6 BCA (Building Code of Australia) compliance requirements for habitable and non-habitable rooms. Based on solid testing, Soundlag 4525C can offer a much higher performance of up to 5 dB(A) when compared to other low noise pipe products. This is also true in areas with no ceiling.

Thanks to its polymer-based construction, Soundlag 4525C has a high degree of flexibility which will allow it to easily and accurately wrap around low diameter pipes. The external foil is fire resistant and is great to join adjacent sheets together.

The foam provides a decoupling layer which hinders the vibration path allowing a noise barrier to form which reduces sound.

Pyrotek® offers varying compositions with barrier weights from 3 kg/m² to 8 kg/m² and the decoupling layer with a choice of plain (4512) or convoluted (4525C) foam, polyester, fibreglass, glass wool or quilted glass wool with thicknesses from 6 mm to 50 mm.

We also provide other insulation services such as Fyrewrap installation